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Soap for Men

Soap for Men

Soap for Men

Traditional 'Masculine' Soap for Men

Face, Bath and Hand Soap for Men Handmade soap for men is simply about good skin care. We know that handcrafted soap is not made just for women, and that handmade soap doesn't have to be scented with roses, gardenia and magnolia. To address the skin care needs of our men customers, The Soap Shed has developed the best selection of soap for men that you'll find anywhere on the Net. With Dr. T as our soapmaker, we obviously have a personal interest in creating useful soaps for men, and a nose that knows scents. And a business located in the Blue Ridge Mountains where whole families - not just women - come to visit, our mission was clear from the very beginning. Make Soap for Every Body in the family! Fragrances in our handmade soap for men focus on traditional favorite scents men enjoy like musk, bay rum, bayberry, lime, patchouli, sandalwood, and oakmoss. Unusual scent blends include Avocado, Birch and Eucalyptus Face Soap made with Shea Butter, hand soaps for Hardworking Hands that are dry and cracked or Grease Monkey for mechanics and other occupations that need extra help to remove grease from hands. Our Goat Milk Soaps with a great lather allowing these soaps to be used as shampoo bars and shavingsoap. And we know that not every man wants scented soap. So we make soap for men that are completely unscented, for those men who are sensitive to fragrance, or simply don't like scented products. We make an unscented soap for men in every moisture level soap we make, including castile soap, goat milk, shea butter and vegetable oil soap. We also combine our soaps for men in some wonderful soap gifts, and these are included below.
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