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Hi Karen, Got my order in the mail yesterday. Thanks very much for the free gift and personal note. We very much enjoyed meeting you, the furry greeter out front, and the feline sales reps while on our motorcycle vacation in North Carolina last year. We really enjoyed all the soaps we bought. I'll continue to be a loyal buyer of your fine products. Best to you and family.

We love your soap and we'll see you this summer!
Ellen D

Oh my gosh! - I cannot believe your soap...it is wonderful--Thanks so much for getting that out to me quickly-I really was not in any hurry and was actually at another conference when it came..but THANKS so much-I took a bar to church last night for VBS and I may have you some more orders. It was a pleasure meeting you and I would love to come visit one day maybe in the fall...Thanks again and I will be in touch.
Martha C

I just picked up my lovely soaps! They are lovely and give me an almost indescribable feeling of wistful yearning. I grew up in Blue Ridge in VA and have missed the wonderful scents of my old mountain home. I ordered several samplers to get a feel of what I wanted to perhaps purchase in the future as gifts and for myself. I love love love the lavender rosemary. I am curious about the fisherman's wife as my husband gets the most fishy smelling hands after a long day of fishing. He loves the smell of it! I was looking for a Rose scented soap and the Cottage Rose Gardener is nostalgic for me as I used to help my mother make lye soap when I was a very little girl (I am that old ha ha) the smell of that soap took me back. Thank you so much for the lovely packaging. I am excited to use my soaps! p.s. the Kudzu soap made me laugh!

Hi, just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I love your soap. it lathers nice I have a diabetic mother I bought the soap for feet. she loves it. I will be buying more - glad I found your Company!
Lisa L

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived yesterday. I am EXTREMELY pleased with it. Thank you for enclosing the catalog. Thank you also for enclosing a sample for me. How uncanny that you chose Lilac. The town I used to live in Illinois was known as the Lilac Village. I am sensitive to some fragrances. I learned yesterday that I am not allergic to the lilac fragrance. I wish you and yours many years of success with The Soap Shed.
Annalee F

Dear Soap Shed, Received my soap order and just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying it! Beautiful soap texture, lather and luscious scents! Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays!
Carol Ochs, Simply Soap, http://www.simplysoap.com

Thank you for responding. I got it about an hour ago actually. I can not wait to try it out. Thank you for getting back to me. They look and smell wonderful.
Charice S

Hi Tim and Karen! Trust you all there at The Soap Shed are well and business is great! Our 2016 Northwest winter has been a long and cold one that doesn't want to go away. With heaters on a lot longer than normal years, our skin needs a lot more hydration...and thanks to your incredible Doublemint Castile soap, our aging skin is feeling and doing great! As always, thanks to you all for your fabulous products!
Dottie and Lowell Hartkorn, Gig Harbor, WA


I have never visited your store but I have been dying to get my hands on some great, natural, handmade soaps. These soaps are amazing!!!! I WILL be telling everyone in New Jersey about them! I will be a returning customer, thank you so much again.

I hope to see The Soap Shed in real life one day! Beautiful soaps.
Aimee D, New Jersey

Testimonials From Visitors to the Soap Shed

Hello! I was there with my husband, daughter-in-law and little granddaughter a few days ago and really enjoyed our visit with you folks! I bought a bottle of the insect repellent you had on the counter. When I returned home, I gave my bottle to my daughter for her little boy so I think I need some more! Bug Me No More works! I love the roller ball and the convenient size of the bottle! Plus, I had been getting some bites and, after using the oils, I wasn't bothered any more. Thanks so much!
Betsy J, Lynchburg, VA

I visited your place last year and loved it. I picked up 5 bars of soap and gave a lot to my family and they also loved it. This is my third order since I was there and I have been ordering soap that I know I like and a few new ones to try each time. It is always a surprise as to what new ones I will like. Thank you!
Patsy P., Lutz, FL

Hi, Karen and Tim, It was a pleasure to meet you both yesterday and to enjoy the aromas of your shop..........now I'm just kicking myself for not getting more?! EEK! :-) I'm so glad to know that you are available online and the next time I'm in Spruce Pine for work........I'll be visiting again! I already tried the grapefruit facial bar......heavenly. Have a great week and thank you again........you have a delightful business!
Fondly, Jeri B

Karen, To refresh your memory - my husband and I stopped by your shop on Saturday, August 18 from Wilkesboro, NC while on one of our weekend expeditions, checking out interesting places we read about from various magazines and brochures. I tried the Peaches and Cream bar of soap we purchased and wanted to let you know that it was absolutely fabulous! I couldn't get over how smooth and moisturized my skin felt after my shower. This is truly the first "homemade" soap that has made a noticeable difference. You certainly have a good product, I am sure that we will be back up your way for more in the future. Also, your explanation of the various types of soap, was extremely helpful. Your friendly manner made our stop a pleasure. I regret that we didn't have time to see the demonstration, but perhaps our next visit will allow us to stay longer. I thought that you would like to know that going "Off The Beaten Path," was well worth it!
Sincerely, Nancy H

We visited your shop this summer. We love your soap! Can't wait to receive this order.
David T. Louisville, Kentucky

Hi Karen- I am sorry to hear of the lease situation but frankly, I think people will drive wherever you are to get your soap. A couple of miles won't matter! I am happy to drive from Asheville to get your great soap! I am not sure what day I will get there during my trip, but I look forward to seeing you and refilling my supply. I am down to slivers and "souvenir" soaps thrown in a drawer!
Gina E, Florida

Just wanted to say I am enjoying my soap purchases from this past Sunday at your terrific little shop in Little Switzerland. I bought three bars and they are fragrancing not only me at bath time but making my bathroom smell sinfully wonderful! Thanks for what you do and for a great quality product.
Darci R, Sapphire, North Carolina

Hi Guys, In November my wife and I stopped by your place and bought some soap (various) from you. I liked something that was some spice with grits-rum maybe? and I want some more but can't remember what kind it was. Can you help?
Thanks, David

Karen ... I've been thinking about another visit your way. I was so pleased with my purchases last time. I'm weighing the rising cost of gas against the enjoyment of a visit. The catalog and your kind helpfulness will help me decide. Happy Easter!
Jeannette B.

I stopped in your store looking for a hardware store about a week and a half ago after having my window broken by park service maintenance workers on the Blue Ridge Parkway. You directed me to Grassy Creek Hardware in Spruce Pine for which I am grateful. They had just what I needed and my trip wasn't ruined after all. Thanks again for your kindness.
Mary Lynn

A couple weeks ago I came into your store needing directions back to Asheville. It was a very foggy day, and my husband who just had angioplasty last month was not feeling well. I was near panicking, and you were so nice to help me and make sure I got back on the right road and back to our hotel. I was so upset I didn't even look at your soaps when I was there, although they certainly smelled wonderful. I looked you up on the Internet when we returned home so I could write you this letter. You were so kind to someone who wasn't even a customer of yours..YET. I'll be placing an order soon.
Evelyn S.

My sister loved the products, too! We will definitely shop with you again and if we are in the mountains this summer, we will visit!
Sue S, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

We visited your store in October and love your soap! Keep up the good work :)
Dana R, Garner, North Carolina

I found you several years ago when my motorcycle club was traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway. I came into your store to buy a gift for my girlfriend, but ended up buying a bunch of your men's soap for myself. You have even more 'manly soaps' on your web site now, the best selection of soap for men on the Internet. I think the reason my girlfriend - who is now my wife - encourages me to go on my week with the guys every Summer is because she knows I'll be stopping at your place, and bringing her back more soap! Hope to visit the Blue Ridge - and you - again this summer.
Mike R., Syracuse, New York

We look forward to shopping at your new/old location this spring. You all have built a sound business, with an excellent product and fabulous customer service. Take Care,
Susan R., Jacksonville, Florida

Testimonials From Our Loyal Cheerleaders

Rosie soap is the best thing since sliced bread. Keeps my rosacea completely under control, so I abandoned my old erythromycin prescription.
Stephen W., Singers Glen, VA

Once again we look forward to ordering your product, Tim and Karen. In fact, we are trying some new fragrances so we can order quite a few Christmas gifts this year! I'll tell you if I could order one of each of your goat milk products, I would do it because we're interested in smelling and using a lot of the different fragrances!

Thanks again to you and your staff for making a consistently excellent and enjoyable product!

With great appreciation,
Lowell and Dottie H in Gig Harbor Washington

To The Lifesavers At Blue Ridge Soap Shed,

I have been making custom lampshades since 1993. It involves mostly hand-sewing, scissor cutting, rotary blade cutting and a lot of pinning, pulling and tugging. The results are worth it, but the wounds it causes and the dry, rough, red, itchy, scratchy, painful condition I endured from washing my hands maybe 20 to 25 times a day was ruining my hands especially in cold weather. Not to mention every time I pricked my fingers, they would bleed on expensive silk and band-aids are not an option. Try getting out those spots! I even had trouble sleeping. I tried everything, but nothing soothed and healed my hands, not even creams and lotions.

Desperate for relief, I turned on my computer at 5 am almost 15 years ago and went looking for a solution. The Soap/Sewing Angels were with me, for I was led to the Blue Ridge Soap Shed. Everyone there is so nice and helpful. I was so ecstatic to find not only something to heal and protect my hands in lots of scents, but also Goat Milk Soap to heal my body skin. No body cream for me! I have silky, smooth skin and no rough heel patches even at the age of 76. The fragrances are outstanding. If you can't find a yummy scent you like, it does not exist.

I'm still working doing what I love to do and so is the Blue Ridge Soap Shed! Thank God I found you!

Love to you all!
Susie Giamalva, Rosharon, TX

Thanks for making such great soaps. I will continue to come back as I have the last two holidays.

Ashley P, Middletown, OH

I stopped by your "shop" at the WNC Herb Festival recently and bought a grab bag of soap and a bar of your new scent, Avocado Birch Eucalyptus. I just had to tell you that I really love all your soaps, but particularly this new scent.

I've been using your soaps now for about 10 years -- even when my husband was downsized and money was really, really tight -- I would save birthday money and buy several bars, cut them in half and use them for bathing and washing my hands in the kitchen. I am hooked and yours is the only soap I use now. I still haven't converted my husband yet, but I'm hoping to.

We live in Asheville now and I regularly visit your booth in the Kress building. I have sent baby soaps to my new grandbabies and soap for diabetics to my elderly Mom. Thanks for a grand product that just brings such joy to my life. I never enjoyed washing my hands so much!

Hope to visit your "shed" sometime. A sweet smelling customer,
Billie Anne Cole

Karen, thanks so much for everything! I've enjoyed the soaps I previously ordered so much; I can't wait to try this next batch!

Hi Karen, Thank You! My husband and I have been using your soap for several years and have been very happy with them.
Peggy A

Thank you so much for sending my soap so quickly. I can't stand to run out even for a day.
Gwen S., Greensboro, North Carolina

We love your soaps!!
Peter R., Indian Trail, North Carolina

I received the box of soaps yesterday. What fun to try and figure out the ones in the grab bag! We are already enjoying the soaps and some are marked for gifts. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Hi, I got some of your soap for Christmas and I love it. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks!
Gretchen A

Thanks for your great soap from Jeff and Debi -- we visited over Labor Day this past year and chatted inquisitively with you about the chemical processes for probably 45 minutes. Debi is still taking classes in preparation for Nursing school and doing well.

Your soap rocks! Always a staple of my Christmas gifts!
Jason W., Mentor, OH

Dear Karen: My family and I were at the Soap Shed the week before Easter and while we bought our soap and were told how it was made, there was no demonstration. A few of my neighbors and my husband and I would like to watch the process. Can you give me some dates when we can watch the process? Incidentally, your soap is wonderful.
Sincerely, Lee B

We love your soap!!!!!
Tommy W., Waxhaw, NC

I found the Soap Shed online back when you had the little store up another area mountain. What an experience that was driving there for a couple of flat lander Midwesterners. I had emailed Karen several times before we came there. Glad we found an easier drive back to Mountain Stream RV park where we were camped. Mountain Stream became our favorite RV park anywhere so we returned several time. And, we just had to drive up to the Soap Shed each time to stock up on soap for us and friends at home. Glad you have mail order as I doubt I will be back there now that my husband has passed.
Rose R, El Paso, Il

Testimonials From Crafter's About Our Hand Repair Soaps

I just received five bars of your hand repair soap. I just want to tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! I ran out of it in June and just got around to ordering it again last month. I couldn't believe how much I missed it. It is the best soap I have ever used. The lather is so creamy, yet still suds up nicely, and my hands feel so much better after using it for only two days. Maybe some day I'll try your other soaps, but I just can't get past the hand repair soap. Thank you so much., and I hope your business is doing great. I can't imagine that it isn't.
Karolynn C, Anchorage, Alaska

Karen and Tim, We had the pleasure of trying some of your soaps since last weekend and wanted to let you know how much we love them. I'm a nurse and my husband works construction so you can imagine our hands! My husband has discovered the Hand Repairs Soap is also good after cutting insulation from construction work and the gardeners' soap is great for removing stains and dirt from "gardener's hands." We are looking forward to trying more of your soaps soon! Thanks for making such a great product!
Eric and Carol

Hi Karen, I had ordered some soap from you and had never used your soap before. It is really fabulous!!! The Hand Repair and Slope Soap are awesome!! I am in the restaurant business so I am always washing my hands. I use it all over my body I like it so much. Do you use a re-batch recipe or melt and pour or cold kettle recipe? I hope to visit you next time I'm your way!!
Thanks, Michele

I guess I will need the following to last until I get to SAFF again--then I can stock up for both of us as I always do. Sure can't begin to tell you how much I love the hand crafters soap. It is the first thing I head for when I come in from the barn every time, and again, this winter no cracks or sore hands. Thanks so much!!

If you have something other than what I ordered that is especially good for VERY VERY dry skin, please send me a sample. I love your hand repair soap. It is wonderful and it doesn't grease up my needlepoint. Thanks.
Kelly W

Please tell your husband Tim thank you very much. I have never found a soap anywhere that even compares to your hand repair soap. Thanks again. Perhaps next order I will also order some soap that is specially made for the face, though I do use the hand repair soap on my face and don't mind the herbs.
Karolynn C., Anchorage, Alaska

The shipment arrived today. Thanks so much! The soaps are truly divine and the lip balm is to die for! I'll be ordering again soon!

Tim and Karen, This was my 2nd visit in two months at your Soap Shed. I had my doubts the first time but never again. I bought more soap and the hand repair salve. I have put all my lotions up and am using your product only. I already see a difference in my skin, and not only my skin but my money. Your hand repair salve lasts a lot longer than any of the lotions I've used. Thank you so much for your time and caring about. I'm looking forward to ordering Christmas Gifts for my Mother.
Pamela, Lexington, SC

Testimonials From Knitters - About our Hand Soaps

Karen and Tim: I received the above order and immediately tried the Lavender on my old knitter's hands. There was immediate improvement. I like your products and will order again next month.
Sincerely, Elizabeth P

Good morning Karen, I just wanted to let you know, I received my first order yesterday, and I am so excited! I knit professionally, and have a problem with cracking fingers. I used your knitting salve last night, and I love the way my hands feel. I also love the scent (patchouli ). My daughter has eczema, and is also a diabetic, so I just ordered the sensitive skin sampler. I am also a knitting teacher, and I plan on spreading the word to my students. Thanks for the wonderful products!
Sincerely, Judi L

Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know I received the knitter's gift soaps, as well as my salve and soap slices today. I *love* the soap samples and salve. I felt *immediate improvement* when I used the products. My hands felt soft and supple, without feeling greasy. The gift soaps look great in their colorful wrappings, too. I look forward to giving them. (I plan to put one of your product sheets in our break room at the library. Great stuff! Thanks a lot for sending it all so quickly:) Have a happy holiday season!
Brooke B.

Quilters About Our Hand Soap

My order just arrived and it is packaged in such a lovely way and smells SO good. I can't wait to give these gifts to my Quilting "buddies" and my stamping friends!! And thank you so much for my little gift of the 3 soaps - I appreciate your kindness.

Dear Karen, I ordered soap from you to use as Christmas presents and was very pleased with the soaps. I found your website as a result of my mother's Christmas gift request. She is an older woman with dry, leathery skin and happens to work with fabric as both a vocation and an avocation. She frequently comes home from work with band-aids on her skin from tears she received from straight pins (she sews custom window treatments).

I did an internet search, found your web site, and ordered the hand repair soap for her and also ordered other soaps for my friends. My mother is very pleased with the soap. She immediately liked the way it felt on her hands. Thank you for helping me find just the right gift for my mother. I appreciate it!
Sincerely, LynnCharisse Z

I plan on telling everyone that I know about your site. I think that this is a wonderful product and can't wait to get some. There are several people in my family that does quilting and I plan to tell everyone of them about your site. I just had to tell you how happy I was to find you. Thanks so much for your time.

The package arrived. Thanks so much. I could not be more pleased and have already told the members of my old quilt guild from when I lived in Colorado all about you. I will be telling all the women that I teach beginning quilting to here in Michigan all about you. The Quilters Hand Repair Gift set met all my expectations and more. It is on its way to my Secret sister, I have shared a bar of my personal stash with a dear friend and know of one other friend who will appreciate a bar as well.

You have made a loyal customer. Thanks for the samples, great service and a great product. Best wishes and continued success.
Diana E.

Just wanted to let you know that we received our soap today. Paulita's going to keep 3 bars...1 for the office and paper handling and the other 2 at home for quilting. I'm going to leave some here at the office also since I handle paper all day. Thanks again for your help!

Karen, Got my order in the mail today- I LOVE the hand salve! Haven't had the chance to shower with the soap yet, but I'm sure I'll love it too! I have a store that you might want to contact- its my favorite health food emporium called "The Mustard Seed Market" in Akron, Ohio. I would love for them to carry your products. Please tell them that one of their customers loves your products and would like to see them locally! Thanks so much,
Kim D

Dear Karen, Hi there. I wanted to take the time to thank you for the samples of your soaps and I also wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the quilter's hand repair crème. I particularly like the scent. I have introduced the crème to my cousin who said that she wants to buy it,also. I did write a brief thank you on my order form, but I wasn't sure if you read it so I took this time to write. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Marianne M

Testimonials From Dog Owners who use our "Dirty Dawg" Soap!

I bought seven bars of soap from you today, came home and tossed the bag on my bed. Several hours later my dog, Blue, was walking through the family room with something in his mouth. I thought it was part of his dog bone, but upon inspection I saw that it was a bar of soap. I took it back to the bedroom to discover all of the soap on the floor in various stages of disarray. It appears that Blue tasted them all and preferred the oatmeal. There were big teeth and bite marks on that one. My question is: should I have any concern about Blue eating a few bites of oatmeal soap and nibbles of other bars? It was a great afternoon of animals and soap. I didn't think that combination would extend into the evening! No need to respond unless you have some concern about Blue.
Thanks, Alice S

Thank you so much for your kind donation of Dirty Dawg soap to the Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue group. I can't believe how good it is. I'm one of the foster moms trying to help these poor babies, which we've named 'The Bones Bunch'. The 26 dogs we rescued this week were starved for seven weeks. Just trying to clean them up, and remove all their encrusted and knotted hair, added to their trauma. Your soap helped the tangles come right out and reduced the discomfort of grooming. And I can't believe how much it reduced their skin and body odor. I have been using your dog soap every single day to wash the dogs I am fostering, for them AND for me. It doesn't dry their skin out at all, and actually seems to moisturize their skin. Hot spots are healing, cracked skin is healing. I think even the dogs love the soap, they certainly seem to love their baths with it. I have been breeding Golden Retrievers for many years, and I have never used a product that works so well. PLEASE SEND MORE SOAP!
Nancy D, Bostic, North Carolina

Your dog soap is wonderful! My Golden Retriever, Max, has had a problem with hot spots every Summer, and they stopped oozing and began drying up the very first day after we bathed him with Dirty Dawg soap. Don't know how you guys do it, just please keep doing it!
Meg E., Fairfax, Virginia

Dear Karen: I just spent about 2 hours washing my Lab with your soap. Not only did this beloved dog roll and grind into her fur a dead carcass but smeared it all over her. Your Dirty Dawg Soap got rid of 90% of the smell and mess. She smells much better and looks wonderful. Thank you for creating such a great soap for dogs. A bar is so much easier to use and not so wasteful but the oils really do a job on the smell. I have ordered 2 more to save for such events and if you wish you may use this for advertising in your website. Your dog soap is wonderful and I also think all your other soaps are great too.
Betsy Y.

My wife and I breed Bassett Hounds occasionally. We like the way your Dirty Dawg soap works on our 5 adult dogs so much that we give each person that gets one of our pups a bar of your soap and a testimonial on how effective it is when they come to get their new family member. Ya'll keep up the good work! Regards,
Tim P, Charlotte

Hi Karen, I was at your store in May and bought a soap but I can't find it on your web site. I thought it was a shea butter one that had avocado in it. Do you know which one I am talking about? What is the name of it? Also bought the unscented shea face soap and love it and the Dirty Dog Soap - love it too for my 3 dogs.... Thanks

Tim, I appreciate your proving that there are still folk who strive to help their fellow man. Thank you so very much for your kindness in sending the soap recipe. I feel sure my friend can use it. Good luck in your endeavors.
Mary Lea M.

Hi Karen: Just wanted to let you know, that I have received my order on last Thursday. It was in my mail box after work. What a pleasant surprise. Thank you and Tim for the prompt service. Also Karen, do you know how I can get me some 100% pure shea butter in a jar or whatever? I have been reading about it. It is a wonderful moisturizer for the face. I want to get some to use as a night time moisturizer. Or can you sell me some? Or maybe you can direct me as to where to find it? Thanks for all you help.
Sincerely, Debbie

Dr. T! I just wanted to let you know that your dog soap is amazing! After I returned home from my NC trip (we were the 5 women that came thru your shop a couple weeks ago) Anyway, Brody was so broke out with skin rash from his allergies that I gave him a bath immediately - and have for that last 6 days consecutively, and he’s healing up beautifully. And with No Drugs! I’ve also been rubbing him down with the Shea Butter which seems to help also. I cannot that you enough, nor can Brody! You were the best place I stopped on my trip! Ann K., Fort Myers, FL

Testimonials From Luv Them Goat Milk Soaps!

Hi Karen -- I received my order yesterday. My, that was fast! Thanx for including the extra sample soaps. This will give me a chance to experience other fragrances. I just agonize over which soaps to buy and want to try them all, but the budget says "No, no, no!" 8-) I think the Goats Milk with honey and oatmeal will always remain my favorite, though. Again, thanx.

Received my order today. Can't wait to try your goat milk soap. Thanks a bunch and for the sample too. It smells great.

Karen, My order is wonderful, I love your soaps! I have told all my friends how fantastic your goatsmilk soap is.
Gina A

Thanks so much!! I've been using your goat milk soap for about 6 months and it's the only kind I use. I love it and it makes a great gift.
Cindy K.

I have been trying the Vanilla Cream, and it is just out of this world. You folks really make nice soap. And the Lavender Lotion Bar is like silk.
Vicki W

Inspirational Testimonials

Hello Tim and Karen: My husband Bill and I stopped by your shoppe last October on a quick visit to the Blue Ridge. I just had to tell you what that visit has done to change our lives. I have always been into crafts but I had never made anything that Bill just loved and was interested in. When we went to your house and I saw Tim and how much he enjoyed what he was doing I decided that day that since I had always wanted to make candles I would try. You should see my house......We live smack dab in the city of Orlando and my house is now wall to wall candles we are having a ball I love the scents and the colors my whole family works and them together. All of our friends come over to see what we are up to and buy up candles. We are about to do our 3 craft show this weekend and I have my first home party scheduled in May. We are so excited and might have found a way to create a business so that Bill can stay home some. I don't expect you to remember, Tim, but you and Bill talked for a long time he has real long hair and is a highway worker so he is gone a lot Anyway thanks for the inspiration. I bought three bars or your soap that day and I absolutely loved them. I am in need of another bar of Oatmeal so I will be contacting you soon to order it. Thanks again,
Michelle W

I love visiting you folks - it does my heart good to see people who leave the rat race can live their dream here in the mountains. Your new shop is beautiful, and I know you will do as well there as you always have. Your soaps are wonderful -- can't live without them.

Soap Scents Testimonials

I knew my soaps had arrived because I could smell my mailbox when I got halfway down my driveway. My mailman always comments about how good his delivery truck smells on days he delivers your soap. We're at the end of his route, and the box has several hours to permeate his car. I think I need to order some soap for him too. Please send an extra brochure so I can give him your information, I just can't give my copy of your catalog away!
Sarah L., Atlanta, Georgia

Love your soaps, as always! I had to switch over to the Bare Butt soap while undergoing radiation therapy in June for breast cancer, but I'm now back to using your fantastic scented soaps. Thanks for providing the choice of the unscented soaps, it was a big help!
Nina H, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Hi, Karen. The soap dish arrived today....along with the wonderful soap! Thank you very much everything. I've been deeply inhaling the various aromas of the soaps every since. What wonderful smells!

Just wanted to say I am enjoying my soap purchases from this past Sunday at your terrific little shop in Little Switzerland. I bought three bars and they are fragrancing not only me at bath time but making my bathroom smell sinfully wonderful! Thanks for what you do and for a great quality product.
Darci R, Sapphire, North Carolina Hi Karen,

My soap came yesterday and boy do I smell good. My wife bought my first bar of "dirty old man" last year. I love the smell and how good it feels to wash with it. I hope you have plans to keep making soap for the rest of my life at least. Thanks again for a wonderful product and continued success to you and Tim.
William H.

Karen and Tim, Thanks for your great soaps. Trying some new ones for my hubby and me . Finding tea tree is a wonderful oil if I can cut the strong smell of tea tree. It is great with some minty oils to soften the scent.
B. Lynch, Pittsboro, NC.

Free Gifts with Orders Testimonials

That's awesome that I could use Points to pay for our soap! I didn't know that was an option before! Thanks so much. We love your soap.
Matt F, Greensboro, NC

Dear Folks... Received the order of Wonderful Soaps yesterday. Thanks so much... and also for the freebie.

I received a sample of your old fashioned lye soap a couple of years ago. It has been a life saver. I let a friend borrow it who had poison ivy, and the wonderful soap will remove almost any stain and odor!!!!
Elaine D.

Karen, Thanks, I got my order. As always, thank you for the samples - it's a nice way to try something I'm not familiar with. Hope you all are having a nice summer. Say "Hi," to Tim from us.

Dear Karen, On visiting your shop in Little Switzerland, May 3, 2002 you gave me a small free bar of soap with my purchase. I would like to know what it is so that I can order in the future.
Thank you, Mary Frances S

Merry Christmas and thank you for your prompt shipment and for the free gift you included with the order. This kind of interaction with customers and prospective customers is certain to keep you very busy! Happy holidays,
Betsy M

Soap Logs - More, Please Sir - MORE! Testimonials

I love the shea butter facial soap. Do you still make it and could I buy a block, uncut? If so, how much, and will you be in Sat. the 19th? We could come from Hendersonville, if weather remains good.
Phyllis W

We were in your store in Little Switzerland in May and bought several soaps that we like. My husband liked the Dirty old Man Soap and is getting ready to order more. He thought you had available in the store a bigger bar (like the size of 3 bars) that could be purchased and then the buyer would cut them to size. Do you have this available online for The Dirty old man scent? If so, what is the cost and size of that? We love your soaps-just wish you had a store closer to central Illinois. But there is always the internet, right? Thanks again.
Ruth F. Illinois

Hi, Karen, Still hooked on your soaps, but now I'm overseas. A relative will be visiting, so I am interested in stocking up on logs. Interested in Shea Butter, Castile Olive Oil, and Goat's Milk varieties. What's available? Thanks so much!
Angella M

Our Salves and Lotion Bars Testimonials

I Love your products and will never buy soap anywhere else again. The salve is wonderful too.
Anne N, Raleigh, North Carolina

Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know I received the knitter's gift soaps, as well as my salve and soap slices today. I *love* the soap samples and salve. I felt *immediate improvement* when I used the products. My hands felt soft and supple, without feeling greasy. The gift soaps look great in their colorful wrappings, too. I look forward to giving them. (I plan to put one of your product sheets in our break room at the library. Great stuff! Thanks a lot for sending it all so quickly:) Have a happy holiday season!
Brooke B.

Hello, Karen! First of all, I just wanted to say how -- as usual - I love the products I got from you guys. The green tea scented shea butter lotion bar is *wonderful*. I'll definitely be getting more of that in the future! The larger sizes are tempting, but I love the convenient "roll-on" container. :) Of course, my soaps are great, too. ;) Thanks again for everything. You guys are the greatest!

Dear Karen, Hi there. I wanted to take the time to thank you for the samples of your soaps and I also wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the quilter's hand repair crème. I particularly like the scent. I have introduced the crème to my cousin who said that she wants to buy it,also. I did write a brief thank you on my order form, but I wasn't sure if you read it so I took this time to write. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Marianne M

Dear Karen:) I would like to thank you for the wonderful site, service and products your company provides! I LOVE THE SOAPS AND THE SALVE:):):):) My hands haven't been this well behaved in 30 yrs! Your site in now in my favorites and I will be doing more business with your company for sure:)
Mary P

Karen, I liked the little lotion bar so much I'm getting a big one! Thanks again for all the great stuff!

Our International Correspondents Testimonials

Dear Karen, I am e-mailing you to let you know that my soaps arrived yesterday. It Was a relief as I thought they might have been lost. You will not believe How much I was looking forward to receiving them as I was delighted with the previous soaps I bought from your company a couple of months ago and wanted to try new soaps & different aromas.

It seems that one of the problems for such delay was that the package was stopped in customs & excise ( which in my ignorance I did not know I had to pay any VAT + Clearance fees) . Anyway, despite the fact that I found the price of the soaps increased enormously by these fees & can hardly afford them, I have to admit that I think your products are so wonderful that, while I can, I will continue purchasing them. Best Wishes,
Bertha L., Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Karen, Here are the soaps I would like to order. And I would also like to know when do you start selling the Christmas soaps? I know what I am getting for friends and family this year. But the postal service is quite slow, my last two orders took two months to get here! I know it's only July, but I need to make sure I put in my order early for christmas gifts!
Thanks again, Ann Y, Singapore

Dry and Sensitive Skin Testimonials

I'll look forward to receiving the soap sometime next week. I've even got my boyfriend using it ... we normally use Dove soap because he has a problem with dry skin (his back itches all the time) - but Dove can't hold a candle to your soaps! While we were using your soap he stopped complaining about his back itching! I never would have believed that soap could make such a difference - but you guys have certainly made a believer out of me!
Sharon K, Greensboro, North Carolina

Your soap is the best! I cannot use any other due to very sensitive skin. I am glad that I found you!
Darcella D., Mooresville, North Carolina

I love the soap. I have dry skin and it really makes a difference.
Travis T.

We love your soap!
Jeff S., Lawrenceville, Georgia

If you can give me some samples of your other goat's milk soap - your favorites- that would be great! You have the best soap and PLEASE don't discontinue the Doublemint Cream !!! Thanks!
Noel S., Cottonwood, Arizona

Soap Shed Soaps Make Great Gifts! Testimonials

Karen, What a lovely gift. I'm looking forward to using your site for business "thanks-yous." I write a series of books set in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. What could be more appropriate.

Happy Valentine's Day to you folks! I'm giving some of your soap as Valentine's Day gifts this year.
Beverly R., Fletcher, North Carolina

This is a "Secret Sis" gift. Please make sure no identifying information about me is included in the package when it is shipped. I've ordered your soaps for myself and they are so, so wonderful. Enough to make you wash your hands just for the pure pleasure of it! Thanks!

I love giving your wrapped soap as gifts. They are so unusual, and everyone always loves them. Thank you.
Cynthia R. Fairhaven, MA

Your 'Merry Christmas Sampler' is the perfect Christmas gift! Holiday scents wrapped in holiday fabric, and at $5.95, it's a price I can afford. Let me tell you - lots of people will be getting Soap Shed soap this Christmas!
Annie L., Linville

Bug Me No More - Insect Repellent Soap Testimonials

You asked me to write my nice words down, so here they are! Tell everyone your Bug soap really does work! I've always been the one in my family that bugs flock too, while leaving everyone else alone. I have tried everything, and bought your Bug soap because you were honest enough to say that although it worked for a lot of people, it didn't work for every one. That it depended on individual body chemistry. The fact that you didn't exaggerate your product, gave you and your husband great credibility as far as I am concerned. I love that it's all natural, and that I don't have to use chemicals like DEET anymore. Thank you for a wonderful bug repellent.
Sandra O.

I bought 20 bars of your Bug Soap for my son to give his friends who work on oil rigs off the Louisiana coast. They were all quite jealous because he was bug-free when he used your soap.
Helen L., Rutherfordton, NC

Karen, A group of us are going to Peru in July on a mission trip and we need your Bug-Me-No-More soap to help keep the bugs away. Can you tell me what 24 bars would cost? Thanks!!
Pearl G

We are ex-Roanoke people that joined the Peace Corps. We are living on ST Lucia. I have been bitten by a large number of mosquitoes lately and then I started using the :"Bug Me No More" soap we bought on one of our many trips down the Parkway. I don't hardly get bit anymore. The one bar I have won't last very long and I need another 10 bars to last me awhile. We are not scheduled to leave until March 2007. Maybe 10 bars is not enough??, but for now that will do. Must I phone to order? It's a lot more expensive to order by phone than using the net. Let me know if I can do that or not.
Thanks, John Z

Wholesale Testimonials

Hi. Peggy here From Creekwater Crafts & Collectibles. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the generous samples, and the wholesale information that you sent to me. I appreciated it so much, and believe in your wonderful soap, that I had to plug your shop on the "Country Business" retailer forum. I gave your website address and phone# also, and one of the retailers who is opening up a new shop soon, emailed me and thanked me for hooking her up with your soap company. She said that she spoke to Tim, and that he was very nice, and she thought that your soap was going to be perfect for her shop. (Hopefully, she placed and order with you!). Hoping the plug brings you lots of new business!!! Good luck, and God bless,
Peggy L.

The Soap Shed's Own "Believe It Or Not"

I bought seven bars of soap from you today, came home and tossed the bag on my bed. Several hours later my dog, Blue, was walking through the family room with something in his mouth. I thought it was part of his dog bone, but upon inspection I saw that it was a bar of soap. I took it back to the bedroom to discover all of the soap on the floor in various stages of disarray. It appears that Blue tasted them all and preferred the oatmeal. There were big teeth and bite marks on that one. My question is: should I have any concern about Blue eating a few bites of oatmeal soap and nibbles of other bars? It was a great afternoon of animals and soap. I didn't think that combination would extend into the evening! No need to respond unless you have some concern about Blue.
Thanks, Alice S

I was in your shop yesterday and bought some of your soap for Hot Flashes. When I got home I put the soap in the refrigerator because I thought it would work better if it was cold. This morning my husband was making dinner for a large group and thought my Hot Flash soap was a chunk of parmesan cheese. He grated it all up and put it in the lasagna. Thirteen (13) of us took a bite or two before we figured out what was wrong with the lasagna. What will happen to those who ate your soap? Please call us back immediately and let us know if we should go to the Emergency Room.
A Verbatim Transcript of an Actual Phone Message

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