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Valentines Day Gift Soap Twosome

Valentines Day Gift Soap Twosome

For Valentine's Day gift giving and those with a sweet tooth, we offer our Valentines Day Gift Soap Twosome for a unique Valentines day gift. Say Happy Valentines Day by selecting two soaps from our mouthwatering cream soaps, better than any box of chocolates! They're all goat milk soaps, cream soaps, to combat dry, Winter skin. Get your taste buds and aromatic senses ready for mouthwatering candy food fragrances (Chocolate Cherry Cream, Blackberry Brandied Cream, Chocolate Truffle, Coconut Cream, Toasted Almond Cream, Lemon Cream, Vanilla Cream, Almond Biscotti, or Double Mint Cream), plus our favorite floral soaps (Lavender Cream, Lilac Cream, Magnolia Cream or Rose Cream). Say Happy Valentines Day with flowers and candy!

Our Valentines Day Gift Soap Twosome includes two full size soap bars individually wrapped in colorful, coordinating fabrics just right for St. Valentines Day and stacked inside a clear, cellophane bag, tied with matching color raffia. The product label identities the soaps inside the Twosome.


Olive, Coconut, Palm and Castor Oils, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Mountain Spring Water, goat milk, fragrances.
Price: $11.95
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More About This Soap

This soap is made from scratch, cut and packaged by hand.

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