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Sweet Lemongrass Soap

Sweet Lemongrass Soap
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Our Sweet Lemongrass Soap is a soothing skin soap made from the gentlest of oils, and scented with a sweet Lemongrass essential oil. One of our favorites to make for others and use ourselves, it's soft lemon in color and soft on your skin.

Sweet Lemongrass soap was the first soap we ever made back in 1998. I'd never smelled Lemongrass essential oil before, and neither had Tim. I guess it could be the emotional attachment we have to it, because it's still a personal favorite and perfect morning soap!  But we're obviously not the only ones. Sweet Lemongrass Soap is consistently one of our Top Ten Sellers, and that's why you find it in so many of our Samplers and gift sets. If you enjoy citrus and lemon-y scents, why not order a bar and find out why?


Olive, Coconut, Castor and organic, sustainably harvested Palm Oils, Sodium Hydroxide or Lye, Goat Milk, Mountain Spring Water., essential oil.

Soap Bar Size

Our soap bars are a minimum weight of 3 ounces. Our new 'Chunks' are more than twice that size, at least 7.5 ounces. Our Soap Logs are approximately ten inches long and two pounds in weight (29-35 ounces). For more detail about our soap size and dimensions, ingredients, or how we make our handmade soap,
click here to view our F.A.Q. page.

Description Price Buy
Size / Packaging: Naked, single bar
Size / Packaging: Naked, 5 bars (save 15%!)
Size / Packaging: Wrapped, single bar
Size / Packaging: Wrapped, 5 bars (save 10%)
Size / Packaging: Naked, 7.5 oz Chunk - $12.00
Size / Packaging: Wrapped, 7.5 oz Chunk
Size / Packaging: Two Pound Log

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More About This Soap

Lemongrass is a tropical grass with a slender leaf and citrus-y scent.

Its official name is Cymbopogon Citratus and has been used in bath, skin and household aromatic products since it was first cultivated, harvested and distilled into ‘essential oil’ the 1880s in Kevala, India.

Lemongrass essential oil has a fresh, earthy scent that Aromatherapists use to reduce tension, and help clients relax and revitalize. It blends well with eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and rose. As a member of the citrus family, lemongrass essential oil evaporates more quickly than others, which makes it less ‘valuable’ to perfumers but more affordable for us to enjoy in household products (room sprays and insecticides) and aromatic diffusers for its refreshing, mood-brightening effects.

Lemongrass essential oil is a great aid in travel, helping drivers stay alert and reducing headaches and nausea.

At The Soap Shed, Lemongrass essential oil is an old favorite - in fact, we used it in the very first soap we ever made. We use lemongrass essential oil all by itself in our Sweet Lemongrass soap, for a refreshing and clean feeling on your skin; in our Lemon Tree soap for acne-prone, oily or combination skin; and in our ROSIE Soap for rosacea where we combine lemongrass for its antiseptic and antifungal properties with peppermint and tea tree essential oils.

In other soaps Lemongrass plays a minor but important role as part of our Citrus Medley blends, combined with Lime, Lemon, Orange & Grapefruit for an uplifting scent, and even our Kitchen Cook Soap, where Lemongrass joins forces with Orange essential oil to cut grease on cookware and utensils, and remove odors.

Lemongrass leaves can also be made into teas and delicious curried dishes, but I’ll leave it to others to share more with you about those uses! :-)


This cold process soap was hand stirred, hand poured and hand cut.

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