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Special Skin Needs after Surgery or Chemo

Special Skin Needs after Surgery or Chemo

<h2>Special Skin Needs After Surgery, Radiation or Chemotherapy</H2>

Surgical procedures, radiation and chemotherapy, all wreak havoc on our skin, often causing excessive dryness, burns or scar tissue.  The raw, organic shea butter we import from Ghana has been used for centuries not just to provide moisture for dry skin, but to help skin recover from surgical incisions and to reduce scar tissue.  Our 100% Pure Olive Oil Castile Soap is the gentlest soap that can be made, with light open lather, and is often considered the best soap to be used in the bath or shower after surgeries.

In addition, some people have reported that after chemo and/or radiation treatments scents they usually enjoyed around their home or on their skin, left a burning sensation or unpleasant odor in their nose.  For that reason, many individuals undergoing these treatments choose to use unscented products for a time, returning to the scents they love after treatment is complete.  


Castile Soap for Chemotherapy, Radiation Patients

Castile Soap for Chemotherapy and Radiation patients is a 100% Olive Oil Soap made with no fragrance whatsoever. Castile Soap is most frequently by selected those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation because it soothes the burning irritation many experience while undergoing treatment.

Price: $6.00
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