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Soap for MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Allergies

Soap for MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Allergies

Soap for MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - MCS Soap

We make unscented versions of all of our natural handmade soaps for people who have multiple chemical sensitivity known as MCS, allergy, multiple allergies, chemical injury or environmental illness. We add no artificial scents to our unscented MCS soaps. The natural ingredients themselves may possess a natural odor, but these odors should be the expected odors from each natural ingredient. Our unscented MCS soap bars are each enclosed and labeled in plastic bags and are therefore separated from any other soap bars in the shipment, such as scented bars purchased for other members of the family. Unscented soap for MCS does not come into contact with any scented soap that may also be included in your shipment. Unscented gifts, lotions and salves are also available as fragrance free gifts for those with sensitive skin or multiple chemical sensitivity. Ingredient listings for all products are provided on each product's page for you to evaluate and decide on the ones to try. When ordering each product for the first time, please select the smallest or least expensive size available so that you can confirm for yourself that you can tolerate the product.


Castile Soap for Chemotherapy, Radiation Patients

Castile Soap for Chemotherapy and Radiation patients is a 100% Olive Oil Soap made with no fragrance whatsoever. Castile Soap is most frequently by selected those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation because it soothes the burning irritation many experience while undergoing treatment.

Price: $6.00
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