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Soap Favor Slices - Labels and Zip Lock Bags Provided

Soap Favor Slices - Labels and Zip Lock Bags Provided

Buy our two pound soap logs cut into 20 slices for the shower you are planning. We provide small zip lock bags with a sticker that states the name of the soap. Fancier wrapping can be provided at extra cost and a little extra time too, if we need to order in your special color of organza bags, for example.

Our Soap Favor Sample Slices are the same size as the slices we've used in our Sampler gift sets all these years. They are approximately 1.75-2.0 inches high, 3 inches across, and 1/2 inch thick. They weigh approximately 1.5 - 1.75 ounces - and are the perfect size for 3 x 4 gift bags.

Soap Favor Slices are the same size as our regular bath size bars - they're just 1/2 inch thick instead of 1 and 1/8 inch thick.

Each of our 2-Pound Logs can be cut into 20, 1/2 inch thick soap slices. So, each log will be cut into 20 sample slices for you.

Please make a special note that you are purchasing naked soap only, with simple soap ID labels and clear plastic zip lock bags. We offer many different bag and packaging choices, which you will need to purchase separately, and in the amounts needed for each soap favor to be wrapped. Obviously, if you plan to do your own wrapping, then all you need to purchase is the soap. :-)

You are welcome to select fragrances for your soap favors from any of the 130 varieties or fragrances of soap that we make. If you want a variety of fragrances, all you need to remember is to order one log for every 20 slices you want.

For example, if you need 80 favors, and want four different fragrances, then type in the fragrance name of one soap, Quantity 1, and click 'add to cart'. That will put 1 log of 20 slices in your Shopping Cart. Then type in the name of another soap, and click 'add to cart' a second time.

Repeat this action a third time, and then a fourth time. You should then have four different soap logs in your cart, for a total of 80 soap favor slices. Repeat these steps until you have the number of soap favor slices you need for all your guests.

Price: $52.95
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Customer feedback

  • Author: Eloise Jackson
    wonderful idea. My friends are renewing their wedding vows in November. This would make wonderful favors.

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This soap is made from scratch, cut and packaged by hand.

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