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Soap Dishes

Soap Dishes

Ceramic Soap Dish - Wooden Soap Dish

Handcrafted Ceramic and Wood Soap Dishes

We are proud to feature handbuilt stoneware soap dishes made by Joy Bennett of Burnsville, North Carolina. Joy impresses antique lace and doilies into the wet clay to achieve each dish's unique design. These dishes are not thrown on a wheel, they are made the true, old-fashioned way pottery was made in the past. Shades of blue, purple, salmon, peach and green are available as well as combinations of the above. Square and leaf designs as shown below are usually available. Please remember that these soap dishes are individually handcrafted, and none are exactly identical to what you see pictured here. We think they're ALL beautiful!


Pine Wood Soap Dish
Dries your soap between uses by allowing air to reach the bottomside of each bar. These dishes are one piece of wood, first quality pine.

Price: $6.00
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