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Patchouli Soap

Patchouli Soap

Our Patchouli Soaps

Enjoy our pure Patchouli Soaps, like Patchouli Goat Milk and Patchouli Shea Butter, or our Patchouli Soap gift sets with our many Patchouli Soap blends like Patchouli Lavender, Patchouli Orange, Patchouli Spearmint, Patchouli Cherry or Patchouli Rose Goat Milk soaps.

Patchouli Soap


More Information About Our Patchouli Soap

Patchouli is an herb, a fragrant herb with egg-shaped leaves and square stems. When the scent is added to a soap, Patchouli Soaps are often described as sweet, spicy, and woodsy all at the same time. Other words used to describe the scent of Patchouli include pungent, mossy, and musty. Patchouli is often used as a low note in perfumes and aromatherapy blends, anchoring the other scents, and mixing or blending to enhance the scents with which it is combined in soap.


Growing Patchouli for use in Soap

Patchouli can grow 2 to 3 feet in height. The leaves of the Patchouli herb give off the characteristic Patchouli scent when rubbed. The Patchouli plamt does bloom, with white colored flowers tinged with purple. If Patchouli is being grown for the purpose of making Patchouli Soap, it can be cut 2 to 3 times a year, providing 2 to 3 crops that can be dried for later use.


Natural Patchouli Soap using Patchouli Essential Oil

If Patchouli is going to be distilled for its oil and used in soap, it is best to use oil grown in the Patchouli plantations of Indonesia and India. Neither American nor European grown Patchouli is known as having a great scent. Patchouli is native to tropical Asia and is grown in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Burma, India, and countries in South America.

Patchouli essential oil is a noticeably thick oil, very viscous, with amber-brown tones to its color, which explains why Patchouli Soap is often some shade of tan or brown. It contains coerulein, a bright blue compound found in matricaria, wormwood and other oils. Patchouli fragrance is thought to improve or mellow with age, and Patchouli Soap will do the same thing.


Patchouli Soap Emotional Effects

Patchouli has long been believed to have a relaxing effect, and using patchouli soap in the tub or shower can certainly achieve that goal. It is said that in high doses Patchouli can act as a stimulant, while used in lower doses it can act as an antidepressant or sedative. You can also use Patchouli to sharpen your focus and improve your concentration. Some believe use of patchouli can provide insight, explaining the use of patchouli in soap, incense and oils for many centuries.


Patchouli Medicinal Uses

Medicinally, Patchouli is considered to be Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, and Astringent. Its value as a diuretic has also been reported in PMS studies, and other research indicates it may help in weight loss by curbing appetite and increasing urination. The value of Patchouli in reducing hot flashes during menopause is also being explored. The Chinese, Japanese and Arabs believe it to possess prophylactic properties.


Patchouli Soap and Skin Care

The Patchouli herb and natural patchouli soap has also been positively linked to improvement of several skin disorders, from reducing chapped, cracked skin and scar tissue to reducing irritation caused by eczema. It has been used to treat athlete's foot and jock itch, and skin allergies. In India, patchouli oil is reputed to be an antidote for snake and insect bites.

Depending on the soap recipe used, as well as teh quality of the Essential Oil, Patchouli soap can help to regulate oily skin and dry scalp disorders such as dandruff and seborrhea. It is often found in natural commercial deodorants because it is helpful in controlling perspiration. Patchouli Soap is often considered to have deodorizing properties.


Gentleman Caller Goat Milk Soap
An all-dressed-up-Sunday-go-to-meetin' kind of goat milk soap for all true Southern Gentlemen, wherever they reside.

Price: $6.00
Mountain Sunshine Goat Milk Soap

Patchouli, Orange and Rose together in a relaxing, uplifting goat milk soap.

Price: $6.00
Patchouli Cream Goat Milk Soap

This 'heady' woodsy fragrance from Woodstock Days is still a sellout in the new century.

Price: $6.00
Patchouli Hand Repair Soap

Patchouli Hand Repair soap is made with shea butter and cocoa butter to moisturize dry hands.

Price: $6.00
Patchouli Orange Cream Goat Milk Soap
Patchouli and Sweet Orange essential oils combined in our goat milk recipe.

Price: $6.00
Patchouli Rose Cream Goat Milk Soap

Patchouli and Rose together in a great new goat milk soap.

Price: $6.00
Patchouli Lovers 3-slice Soap Sampler
This sampler includes three 1.5 ounce slices: Patchouli Goat Milk soap, Patchouli Lavender Goat Milk Soap, and Patchouli Hand Repair with Shea and Cocoa Butters.

Price: $9.95
Patchouli Soap Blends Trio Gift

A gift for those who enjoy Patchouli blends, not pure Patchouli.

Price: $19.95
Patchouli Soap Trio Gift

A very special gift for the Patchouli Lovers out there!

Price: $19.95
Patchouli Lovers Gift Soap Six Pack
Six full size bars of handmade goat milk soap in a tall Cellophane Bag, featuring our terrific Patchouli essential oil scents.

Price: $39.95