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Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap

Lavender Soaps for Every Skin Type

Lavender Soap is our most popular scent if soap, so not surprisingly we make a lavender soap for every moisture level or skin type! Because we use Lavender Essential Oil to scent all of our Lavender Soaps, every single one of our Lavender Soaps is completely natural.

We start out with a Lavender Castile Soap, which is a 100% Olive Oil Soap perfect for babies or those with sensitive skin. We also make a Lavender scent in our Regular four-oil recipe called Grandma's Garden Soap. Grandma's Garden is made with Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, and ground lavender flowers.

Lavender Soap with Goat Milk is what we call our Lavender Cream Soap, because we try to add the words 'cream' or 'milk' to all our gentle, goat milk soaps to assist your selection. We also have our Lavender Soap with Shea Butter, loaded not just with shea butter but also cocoa butter, for a wonderful moisturizing soap.


Charcoal Facial Soap with Lavender and Tea Tree

Our Charcoal Soap clarifies and detoxifies your skin without dehydrating it.

Price: $6.00
Gentleman Caller Goat Milk Soap
An all-dressed-up-Sunday-go-to-meetin' kind of goat milk soap for all true Southern Gentlemen, wherever they reside.

Price: $6.00
Lavender Baby Soap - Butterfly Kisses
A 100% Olive Oil soap, lightly scented with Lavender Essential Oil for young skin.

Price: $6.00
Lavender Goat Milk Soap - Lavender Cream

Lavender Cream Goat Milk Soap is one of our bestselling goat milk soaps, using goat milk for its skin nourishing benefits and Lavender Essential Oil for its relaxing, natural aroma.

Price: $6.00
Lavender Lemongrass Goat Milk Soap

Natural essential oils of Lavender and Lemongrass create an unusual blend that's neither fruity nor floral.

Price: $6.00
Lavender Lilac Cream Goat Milk Soap
Lavender combined with Lilac in our luxurious goat milk recipe for its skin nourishing benefits.

Price: $6.00
Lavender Rose Cream Goat Milk Soap
French Lavender blends with soft rose notes so gently, you can't tell where one begins and the other ends.

Price: $6.00
Lavender Rosemary Soap - Grandma's Garden
This soap celebrates the old fashioned scents of lavender and rosemary, accented with ground lavender flowers.

Price: $6.00
Lavender Soap 6 slice Sampler

Six slices, one each of Lavender Cream, Lavender Vanilla Cream, Lavender Lilac Cream, Lavender Rose Cream Lavender Spearmint, and Lavender Rosemary

Price: $16.95
Lavender Spearmint Goat Milk Soap - Lavender Spearmint Cream
Lavender Spearmint Goat Milk Soap combines the relaxing soft floral scent of Lavender essential oil with the uplifting scent of Spearmint, making it a 100% natural soap.

Price: $6.00
Lavender Vanilla Cream Goat Milk Soap
Lavender combined with Vanilla in our luxurious goat milk recipe, creating a relaxing enjoyable scent.

Price: $6.00
Patchouli Lavender Cream Goat Milk Soap

Patchouli and Lavender essential oils together in a great new goat milk soap.

Price: $6.00
Patchouli Soap 6 slice Sampler

Six slices, one each of Patchouli Cream, Patchouli Spearmint, Patchouli Rose, Patchouli Orange, Patchouli Lavender, and Patchouli Shea Butter soaps.

Price: $18.95
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