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Jewelweed Salve for Poison Ivy

Jewelweed Salve for Poison Ivy

Our Jewelweed Salve for Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac, made from fresh Jewelweed harvested here in the mountains each Summer, is made fresh each year. Each salve jar is 2 ounces. Jewelweed is actually a member of the impatiens family and is often found growing right next to poison ivy!

We recommend you use our Lye Soap immediately after possible poison ivy exposure to remove the poison ivy (or oak or sumac) oil from your skin before a rash begins. However, if you miss a spot, many customers find our Jewelweed Salve provides immediately relief from itching and irritation. With 100% Natural Ingredients, this salve is completely Unscented. The only odor you will smell is from the natural ingredients themselves.

The first harvest of the Summer crop of jewelweed can begin generally in early July, and our inventory lasts as long as it lasts...until next year!


Jewel weed herb and root, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, Vitamin E and UNpetroleum jelly.
Price: $9.95

Customer feedback

  • Author: Marian Condon
    BEST thing for itching EVER!!!!!! :)
    For poison ivy OR healing from surgery on shoulder/arm... YAY!!!
  • Author: Naomi Carmody
    I not only use this for poison ivy etc, but i also use it for spider bites, mosquito bites, anything that causes irritation and rash. It seems to pull the poison out especially from spider bites!

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This soap is made from scratch, cut and packaged by hand.

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