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Intertrigo Soap

Intertrigo Soap
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Intertrigo Soap - Soap for Intertrigo

Soap for Intertrigo Skin

You’re not alone! First, let’s address what we're dealing with!

What is Intertrigo?

Intertrigo is a fancy name for a rash that develops between the folds of skin. Anytime your skin gets warm and sweaty, conditions are perfect for intertrigo to develop. The areas of skin most affected are the skin folds under the breasts, under the stomach, and in the arm pits.

Intertrigo may cause:

• Red or reddish-brown rash

• Raw, itchy, or oozing skin

• Cracked or crusty skin

• a burning sensation

all of which bring great discomfort. It also often has an odor associated with it from the yeast germ called Candida, or other fungal infections.

Intertrigo is a very common skin rash that can crop up at any age, and any time of year. In Summer your skin gets moist and warm from sweating due to the hot weather, and in Winter you may perspire because of the multiple, thick layers of clothing you wear to keep warm.

Here’s the good news. You can prevent or reduce Intertrigo by keeping the folds of your skin dry and sweat free. Using a simple, true soap, one with the specific purpose of cleaning your skin by removing oils and bacteria, is a first step to regaining comfort.

Our Intertrigo Soap is made in our regular four-vegetable oil recipe, with no goat milk, no shea butter, no luxurious oils because the goal is to REDUCE moisture in those skin folds, not increase it. And it's loaded with plenty of Tea Tree essential oil because of its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities.

Wash the affected area with our Intertrigo soap and dry thoroughly. Even if you want or need different soaps for other parts of your body, use our Intertrigo Tea Tree Soap under the folds of your skin to remove excess oils.

If your case of Intertrigo is one that requires medical treatment and prescription medicines, our natural soap can still be used to support the treatment recommended by your doctor. It is just a simple, true soap. Check with your doctor.

“I used your Intertrigo Soap for the first time a few nights ago. After all my doctors' visits and medicated salves, I was ready to try anything. I took a shower before bed, and really lathered up beneath my breasts where my rash is. I let the lather stay there and dry for a couple minutes while I washed my hair and the rest of my body, then rinsed off. I was really shocked the next morning. I think my rash was half of what it had been the night before. I used it again for my morning shower, and saw improvement again by the evening. Today, the rash is almost completely gone.

Thank you Soap Shed people for such a great soap!”


Olive, Coconut, Castor and organic, sustainably harvested Palm Oils, Sodium Hydroxide or Lye, Mountain Spring Water, essential oil.

Soap Bar Size

Our soap bars are a minimum weight of 3 ounces. Our 'Chunks' are more than twice that size, at least 7.5 ounces. Our Soap Logs are approximately ten inches long and two pounds in weight (29-35 ounces). For more detail about our soap size and dimensions, ingredients, or how we make our handmade soap,
click here to view our F.A.Q. page.

Description Price Buy
Size/Packaging: Naked, single bar
Size/Packaging: Naked, 5 bars (save 10%)
Size/Packaging: Wrapped, single bar
Size/Packaging: Wrapped, 5 bars (save 10%)
Size/Packaging: Naked, 7.5 oz Chunk
Size/Packaging: Wrapped, 7.5 oz Chunk
Size/Packaging: Two Pound Log

Customer feedback

  • Author: JOEL MIC
    Wife is using this and i can testify IT WORKS AS ADVERTISED!!!! It is helping greatly with her fold skin areas and I'm glad we found something that works... Shop Shed soap do not BURN or irritate, That takes TALENT to get those mixtures correct.
  • Author: celine rivera
    back in June 2020 I developed a bad rash during covid working so much in the heat... it took 300$ like 6 different medicines,11 doctors and 1 dermatologist later for me to find out had intertrigo. as I searched online for help or even people going through the same thing I stumbled across this page selling this soap and it saved me life and my pocket. my rash calmed down almost over night but slowly went away completely in two weeks out of the 4 months that I had it . I was so thankful for this soap it also helped my hidradenitis suppurativa and it saved me so many crying nights of pain. the plant world is truly an amazing thing. I trusted my intuition and completely stopped the drs medication it was making it spread and 10x worse so im glad I listened to my intuition im so very thankful for this soap !!!!

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More About This Soap

This soap is made from scratch, cut and packaged by hand.

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