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Homeopathic Soap

Homeopathic Soap

Pure, Natural Olive Oil Soap for Homeopathy

This 100% Olive Oil Soap is traditionally called a Castile soap. It is a pure, natural soap without any chemicals or artificial ingredients whatsoever to interfere with homeopathic treatments. Because of its natural soap recipe many customers find that it soothes the burning irritation experienced while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Certainly as a 100% Natural Handmade soap, it has the least potential for irritation of any soap used during this difficult time.


Castile Soap for Chemotherapy, Radiation Patients

Castile Soap for Chemotherapy and Radiation patients is a 100% Olive Oil Soap made with no fragrance whatsoever. Castile Soap is most frequently by selected those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation because it soothes the burning irritation many experience while undergoing treatment.

Price: $6.00