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Soap Trios

Soap Trios

Our Handmade Soap Gift Trios

Beautiful Handmade Soap Gifts, made with Full Size Bars

Our Handmade Soap Gift Trios contain three full size bath bars, each wrapped in different, complementary colored paper cigar bands, combined together in an attractive gift. Handmade Soap Gift Trios are stacked inside a cellophane bag and tied with raffia, and can be purchased with or without a wooden soap dish. A gold foil label on the back lists the theme of the Trio and the specific soap names.

Our Handmade Soap Gift Trios offer quite a variety of fragrance themes and combinations, so take a look and find your favorites!


Lady of the Manor Soap Trio
Three soaps needed by every lady of the house, a facial soap, a hand soap, and a kitchen soap.

Price: $19.95
Lavender Lover's Soap Trio Gift

For lavender lovers everywhere, three different lavender soaps in our three different levels of moisturization and decide what's best for their skin.

Price: $19.95
Man of the House Soap Trio

Three of our Manly Soap favorites, Masculine Musk Goat Milk Soap, Basil Lime Shea Butter Hand Repair Soap and Stud Bubbles Goat Milk Soap.

Price: $19.95
Merry Christmas Soap Trio Gift

Three of our wonderful scents of the holiday season: Christmas Tree Forest, Candy Cane, and Cobbler Spice Cream Goat Milk.

Price: $19.95
Mint Soap Trio

For Mint Lovers everywhere, we've got invigorating combinations of peppermint and poppy seeds, vanilla, peppermint and sassafras, and Peppermint Lemongrass shea butter soap.

Price: $19.95
Mountain Soap Trio

Three of our popular mountain scents: Fresh Mountain Air, Appalachian Sunrise, and Mountain Rain.

Price: $19.95
Natural Soap Trio Gift

Three natural essential oil soaps: Sweet Lemongrass, Lavender Cream and Peppermint & Thyme (Mountain Morning Wake Up Call).

Price: $19.95
No Worries Soap Trio Gift
Three relaxing essential oil scents in our creamy goat milk soap recipe, to help you calm things down and chill out.

Price: $19.95
Patchouli Soap Blends Trio Gift

A gift for those who enjoy Patchouli blends, not pure Patchouli.

Price: $19.95
Patchouli Soap Trio Gift

A very special gift for the Patchouli Lovers out there!

Price: $19.95
Quilter's Hand Repair Trio Soap Gift

Three bars of our luxurious hand soap in our Jasmine, Herbal and Lavender scents, a nice mix of floral, woodsy, and herbal fragrances to enjoy.

Price: $19.95
Saving Face Soap Trio

Our Saving Face Soap Trio of soaps was created for those challenged by oily, T-Zone or acne-prone skin.

Price: $19.95
Seasonal Soap Trio Gift

Our choice of three seasonal scented soaps, from our terrific Fall and Holiday seasonal soaps.

Price: $19.95
Shea Butter Facial Soap Trio

Three of our super-moisturizing Shea Butter Facial Soaps, Lavender, Dewberry and Grapefruit & Bergamot.

Price: $19.95
Skin Healing Soap Trio Gift

Three of our unscented soaps for skin challenged by surgery and scar tissue: 100% Olive Oil Soap (Castille), Unscented Goat milk, and Unscented Shea Butter Soap.

Price: $19.95
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