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Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

Natural Dog Shampoo Soap

Natural dog care is something we have believed strongly in through the years, using herbal medicine, homeopathy, and raw diet to complement traditional methods. We created our natural dog shampoo soap for our own first dirty dog, an elder Golden Retriever named Ruby, who was our first rescue Golden. Ruby taught us how Goldens love to get into everything - and they don't care about how messy they may get.

We wanted to create a natural shampoo soap for dogs that would be gentle, effective, conditioning to the coat, easy to rinse out, and would smell good. We feel we succeeded on all counts, and if you take a look at our customer testimonials, you'll find that our natural dog shampoo is one of our most talked about soaps! If your dog has dry skin, our shampoo soap for dogs will moisturize it and reduce itching. If your dog has hot spots or oozing seborrhea, our dog shampoo soap will normalize skin and allow the irritated spot to begin healing.

Because we use absolutely no artificial or synthetic ingredients in this soap, you will have to get the lather started with your own hands, and apply your soapy hands to your very wet dog. Our dog soap will not lather magically in one second like a bottle of liquid shampoo filled with thirteen-syllable chemicals does. You may need to wait five or ten seconds until you feel you're soapy enough to begin lathering up your baby. But we consider this a small price to pay for a natural dog shampoo that your dog's skin will love!

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