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Soap for Outdoors, Campers, Camping

Outdoor and Camping Soaps

Soap for Campers, Hunters, Fishermen, Hikers, Bikers

Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, outdoors is King. All outdoor sports and hobbies, from fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, biking and so many others, are celebrated every day along our trails, backroads and of course our Blue Ridge Parkway. We celebrate them here at the Soap Shed too, by creating soaps to help you enjoy our region and all nature activities. Whether you need daytime protection like bug repellent or evening protection for controlling campfire odors or soothing sunburned skin, we make a soap to help you enjoy your outdoor activities.


Anise Vanishing Soap
This 100% natural licorice-scented soap helps disguise human scent from fish and wildlife.

Price: $5.00
Bug Me No More Roll-On Insect Oil
Natural essential oils that deter insects, in a liquid roll-on glass container.

Price: $6.95
Bug-Me-No-More Soap
Our Bug-Me-No-More Bar is loaded with five natural Essential Oils known to repel winged creatures . Useful against no-see-ums and especially effective repelling Mosquitoes, which were irritating enough even before we knew they carried West Nile Virus. This is a 100% Natural Soap that repels a variety of insects for most people.

Price: $5.00
Campfire Cook Scrub Soap
Our Campfire Cook Scrub Soap will effectively remove food odors from your Hands and cooking gear, and discourage night time visitors to your campsite. Scented with Sweet Orange Essential oil and coffee grounds for removing odors.

Price: $5.00
Eco Bar Soap for Fresh Water Bathing
Our Eco Bar is our 100% Olive Oil 'Castile' soap which is perfect for low environmental impact bathing in our fresh water mountain streams.

Price: $5.00
First Aid Soap with Tea Tree Essential Oil
Scented with 100% Tea Tree Essential Oil, this soap is a natural anti-bacterial soap to be used on minor cuts and scrapes, acne-prone skin, or as a deodorant or foot soap.

Price: $5.00
Honeysuckle Soap for Hunters
A soap suggested by our customers who hunt, it seems that deer like Honeysuckle and come out into the clear when they smell it.

Price: $5.00
Jewelweed Salve for Poison Ivy
Our Jewelweed Salve for Poison Ivy, Poison Oak or Poison Sumac, made from fresh Jewelweed herb harvested here in the mountains each Summer.

Price: $9.95
Poison Ivy Soap
The one, the only, traditional Lye Soap made only with lye and lard to stop the spread of poison ivy or oak, or repel chiggers by rubbing on shoes, socks and lower legs. This is a 100% natural soap with no petrochemicals and may be used for fresh water bathing or ground up into flakes for clothes washing if you're on an extended trip. Poison Ivy Soap is usually a rough cut bar without smooth edges due to the animal fat used (lard) and stronger recipe.

Price: $5.00
Shea Butter Sunburn Soap
Our Shea Butter Sunburn Bar is superfatted with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Oil for extra moisture, and scented with Lavender essential oil to sooth and cool your sun-scorched skin.

Price: $5.00


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