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Dirty Dawg Soap, Deodorant Spritzer, and Moisturizing Nose & Paw Butter

Aromatic Relief for You and Your Dog

Many of our customers know about our devotion to our beloved four footed friends. From raising purebred cats to participating in Golden Retriever Rescue, our babies have always been essential members of our family. It was our personal experience - and frustration - with active and aging Golden Retrievers that caused us to create our 'Dirty Dawg Shampoo Soap', with peppermint, lemongrass and tea tree essential oils. This completely natural soap dries out oozing seborrheas and hot spots, and moisturizes and soothes dry, scratchy areas - all the while providing a great pleasant scent that controls body odors while repelling fleas at the same time!

Now in addition to our terrific Dirty Dawg Shampoo Soap Bars, you can also enjoy our matching Dirty Dawg Spritzer to provide aromatic relief in between baths or during the Winter months when you might be concerned about drying times and chill factors. Our Spray on, Leave in deodorant spritzer is scented with the same natural essential oils we use in 'Dirty Dawg Soap'.

And after using Shea Butter all these years to soothe the dry, cracked noses and paw pads of our own aging dogs, we've created a Nose and Paw Butter Salve for you to use on your own babies. Terrific for the elder canine, those whose noses and pawpads are adversely affected by the tough, Winter months, and for city dogs who battle abrasive city sidewalks every day.


Paw Butter for Dry, Cracked Paw Pads and Noses
This is the real thing, the raw shea butter we use in our products: organic, 100% natural and edible!

Price: $5.95