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Manly Soap for Men and Traditional 'Masculine Scents' Soaps for Men

Welcome to Manly Soap Central! With a man as soapmaker, and a business located in the Blue Ridge Mountains where whole families - not just women - come to visit, our mission was clear from the beginning. Make soap for every body in the family! The Soap Shed has developed the best selection of soap for men that you'll find anywhere on the Net. Handmade soap is not just for women, and handmade soap doesn't have to be scented with roses, gardenia and magnolia. Handmade soap is simply about good skin care. We make our soaps for men in fragrances men like, using traditional favorite men's scents like bay rum, bayberry, spice, lime, musk, sandalwood, patchouli, and oakmoss. And we've created some special combinations, like our Avocado, Birch and Eucalyptus Shea Butter Soap for a facial soap, hand repair soaps for Hardworking Hands that are dry and cracked, and Goat Milk Soaps with a lot of lather for shaving. We even have an entire line of soaps that are completely unscented for those who have sensitivities to scent, or just simply don't like fragranced products. Our Outdoor and Camping section contains many other soaps of interest to men, for hunting, fishing, and camping as well as the hazards of outdoor play: namely insect bites, sunburn and poison ivy. We've created soaps to ease all those temporary skin irritations for you too. If you're a man thinking about trying our soaps, don't worry, absolutely none of our soaps smell like those bath stores in the malls. And if you're a woman wondering if the men in your life will really use our handmade soaps if you buy for them, we encourage you to try a bar or two and see. It's been our experience that although sometimes men won't buy our soap the first time for themselves, that they become just as loyal a customer later on when they find they can enjoy good skin care, with scents they enjoy. So give the Soap Shed's Manly Soaps for Men a try! :-)


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