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Grandma's Garden Soap

Grandma's Garden Soap
Wrapped Bar of Grandma's Garden Handmade Soap with Lavender and Rosemary

Lavender and Rosemary Soap is a 100% natural soap giving you a glimpse of what your grandparents called 'soap' years ago. Our Grandma's Garden Soap captures the old fashioned scents of lavender and rosemary, accented with ground lavender flowers. We scent this soap with Lavender Essential Oils and Rosemary Essential Oil.

Ingredients Olive, Coconut, Castor and organic, sustainably harvested Palm Oils, Sodium Hydroxide or Lye, Goat Milk, Mountain Spring Water, fragrance.
Soap Bar Size Our soap bars are a minimum weight of 3 ounces. Our new 'Chunks' are more than twice that size, at least 7.5 ounces. Our Soap Logs are approximately ten inches long and two pounds in weight (29-35 ounces). For more detail about our soap size and dimensions, ingredients, or how we make our handmade soap,
click here to view our F.A.Q. page.

Description Price Buy
Size / Packaging: Naked, single bar
Size / Packaging: Naked, 5 bars (save 10%)
Size / Packaging: Wrapped, single bar
Size / Packaging: Wrapped, 5 bars (save 10%)
Size / Packaging: Naked, 7.5 oz Chunk
Size / Packaging: Wrapped, 7.5 oz Chunk
Size / Packaging: Two Pound Log

More About This Soap

This soap is made from scratch, cut and packaged by hand.

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