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Dragon's Blood Lotion - Shea Butter Lotion Bar

Dragon's Blood Lotion - Shea Butter Lotion Bar
Quilters Lotion Bar
Scented with Dragon's Blood resin fragrance oils, our Shea Butter Lotion bar recipe is poured into a small portable container while the shea butter and cocoa butter are warm and therefore still liquid. As the oils and butters cool, the salve then becomes a solid again, and you simply 'roll up' the salve to a level just above the lip of the container, and apply it directly to problem dry areas.

The semi-solid hand lotion will warm to your skin. You can choose to spread and work this lotion into your skin as it warms, or let it sink into your pores on its own. Many dry skin conditions today are in spots or areas, and having the salve available in a container like this for direct application prevents you from needing to apply it with your own hands, at times when it might be inconvenient to get your fingers 'slick' and allow time for the salve to be absorbed by your skin.

The small size pictured above is the size featured in our gift sets and gift bags. The large size is no longer available simply because the container is no longer available.

Our lotion bar fits inside a pants pocket or a purse easily, and without spill worries. And if our lotion bar recipe 'works' for you or whomever you're buying it for, you can always buy a larger salve jar.
Ingredients almond oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, fragrance.
Price: $5.00

More About This Soap

This soap is made from scratch, cut and packaged by hand.

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